What We Do

Crude oil is a natural fossil fuel, once refined, which is used to create most of the energy sources applied in industrial segments and everyday life, from gasoline and diesel fuel for vehicles, to jet fuel for aircrafts and fuel for ships. Furthermore, crude oil is widely used in the production of chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides and plastics.

Crude oil can be classified as extra heavy crude oil and bitumen, heavy crude oil, medium crude oil, light crude oil, extra light crude oil and super light crude oil (condensate). Light crude oil has to be extracted from heavy crude oil. Only then end products, such as diesel fuel, gasoline and other petroleum products can be produced. Most demand is for the low-sulfur light crude oil grades.

We trade different types of crude oil

  • Extra Light (0API 41.1- 50)
  • Light (0API 31.1- 50)
  • Heavy (0API 10 – 22.3)

API (American Petroleum Institute) gravity is a unit commonly used for crude oil classification. It is globally used to fix both the properties and crude oil quality standard.

Our crude oil trading business has longstanding relationships with key national companies, oil majors and independent producers and refiners worldwide. We help the formers to effectively market and distribute their daily production, and the latter to secure a stable and secure supply of the right quality crude at the right time. As a strong trader, we can deliver crude oil to any global location at the request of our customers.

Our partners include suppliers who are large spot charterers of crude vessels and have wide range of their own crude vessel. Our crude oil suppliers are also involved in storing crude oil and its transporting to tankers for export.

We use our competence when transporting crude oil via pipelines, barges, trains, trucks and vessels of all sizes for the efficient and reliable transportation of crude oil to refineries and major trading hubs worldwide. Our key goal is to ensure that the crude oil quality meets the technical terms of supply.

Across the continent, we have access to leased energy infrastructure, enabling us to source and transport oil and gas to market, from production locations to major market hubs efficiently.