sulphur lump Sulphur; is a non-metallic chemical element and is a valuable commodity and integral component of the world economy. Main Applications: Production of sulphuric acid Production of gasoline and bitumen Production of phosphate fertilizers and chemicals Production of paints, detergent and plastics Product ion of rubber products, medicines and fibres Production of sugar Production [...]


Molten Sulphur; is elemental sulfur obtained by pumping superheated process water into a sulfur deposit, and then extracting the molten sulfur using condensed air. Main Applications: Primarily for the production of sulfuric acid Production of phosphate fertilizers Packaging Bulk road tankers Rail tank cars Bulk Burge/Vessel Marine terminalling MOLTEN - SULPHUR


sulphur granular Sulphur Granular, that is mined or recovered from oil and gas production, is known as elemental sulphur, or brimstone. Sulphur can be combined with other elements to form various compounds. Most elemental sulphur is obtained as a co-product recovered from oil and gas production and is a valuable commodity and integral component of [...]