Fuel Oil production is based on heavy crude oil residuals from vacuum oil distillation and / or from secondary processing of oil residuals. It can also contain lighter shares and admixtures for treatment of flow properties of the final product. Heavy fuel oil is fuel for industrial boilers, mines, thermal power plants and manufacturing plants. [...]


Illuminating Kerosene (paraffin) is a combustible liquid commonly used asheating fuel and domestically for cooking and lighting. It has severalindustrial uses for example it is widely used as a solvent. Also generatedfrom crude, its flash point, sulfur content and smoke point are regulatedso as to keep the house hold use in a safe manner.KEROSENE (PARAFFIN)Constituent [...]


JET A-1 FUEL Jet A-1 Fuel; is a kerosene grade of fuel suitable for most turbine aircraft. It has a flash point minimum of 38oC and a freezing of -47oC-.   Jet A-1 is a standardized international specification and must meet DEF STAN 91-91, ASTM specification D1655 & IATA Guidance Material (Kerosene Type), NATO Code [...]


 GASOLINE - EN228 EN228 - Gasoline; is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture that is used mainly as a fuel in internal combustion engines.   We offer to sale RON 92.0, 95.0 & 98.0 GASOLINE No. Constituent In compliance with EN228 1 Octane number (RON), min: 92.0 95.0 2 Octane number (MON), min: 83.0 85.0 3 Lead content, [...]

Diesel EN590

DIESEL - EN590 EN 590 - D2 Diesel Fuel;  is an automotive diesel fuel used in European Union and several other European countries which should meet EN 590 standard that describes the physical properties of fuel. Diesel is fuel for diesel engines with internal combust ion. Use of diesel engines with internal combustion for trucks, [...]


D6 is a type of residual fuel, mainly used in power plants and larger ships. The fuel is required to be preheated before it can be used. It is not possible to use it in smaller engines or vessels/vehicles where it is not possible to pre-heat it. D6 is its name in the USA. In [...]