potassium chloride(MOP) Also known as 60% and Pink Potash, Muriate of Potash 60% is conventionally mined from potassium-rich salts, most commonly potassium chloride (KCl). The ore is ground down and then filtered out by suspension One of the most concentrated sources of potassium Suitable for use on all soil types for all chloride tolerant crops Excellent [...]


With nutrients include P2O5 (46%) and ammoniacal nitrogen (18%); DAP provides the correct proportion of phosphate and nitrogen needed for farming wheat, barley and vegetables. The primary use for Diammonium Phosphate is as a fertilizer to provide nitrogen (18%) and phosphate (20%) for sugarcane, field crops, green feed, sheep, beef and dairy pasture. DAP is [...]


UREA N46.2, GRANULAR Urea is the most popular and economical of all nitrogenous fertilizers being used worldwide, the highest nitrogen concentration in the available solid conditions. Also called carbamide, urea has a wide range of uses beyond fertilizers. Main Applications: Fertilizer An effective protein additive to animal fodder And many industrial applications Packaging & Storage [...]


ANHYDROUS, LIQUIFIED AMMONIA Ammonia is one of the most important basic chemical and serving as a core component in the production of nitrogen fertilizer. A chemical compound containing 82% nitrogen and 18% hydrogen with a formula NH3. At ordinary temperature it is colourless gas with a pungent and pertaining odour. Ammonia is stored and imported [...]