Light Cycle Oil

Light Cycle Oil (LCO)

Light Cycle Oil (LCO) is a diesel boiling range product from Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs). However, LCO is a poor diesel fuel blending component without further processing. Oil refining is an industrial process which involves separation, conversion and finishing. FCC centred refinery uses Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) has the major conversion unit. FCCU is responsible for the production of petrol (gasoline), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), unsaturated olefin compounds, cracked gas oils, cycle oil, light gases and a solid coke residue. LCO may be processed further to break it down into more useful products; in particular it may be mixed with heavier products and put through the refining process again.
Sr. Constituents Test Method Limit
1 Density @ 15 ºC Kg/L ASTM D4052    Min 0.82 Max 0.88
2 Colour ASTM Brownish Colour
3 Cetane Index (D4737) ASTM D4737  Min 35.00
4 Carbon MCRT wt% ASTM D4530  Max 0.20
5 Pour Point Degree ºC ASTM D97    Min –25 Max –5
6. Flash Point PM Degree ºC ASTM 93  Max 63
7. Distillation Degree ºC ASTM 86
8 IBP Report
9 50% Report
10 90% Max 370
11 95% Max 380
12 Final Point Max 390
13 Recovery @ 250 Degree ºC, vol% Max 90
14 Sulphur mass% ASTM 4294 Max 0.15
15 Viscos KIN @ 40 Degree mm, CST ASTM 445 Max 4.0
16 Moisture Content wt ppm ASTM D6304 Max 1000
17 Ash mass% ASTM D482 Max 0.05
18 Aromatic wt% IP 391 Min 50 Max 80
19 BS & W, wt ppm Max 1000
20 Saturates % ASTM D1319 Min –20 Max 50

*** During October – March winter specification: Pour Point not more than –15 ºC / Cloud Point –8 ºC Max.
*** April – September summer specification: Pour Point not more than –10 ºC / Cloud Point –5 ºC Max.

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