Bitumens (from Latin “bitumen” – fossil resin, crude oil) are heavy or retinoid products combining hydrocarbons and their nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur and metallic derivatives. Bitumens are water-insoluble, fully or partially soluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon sulphur and other organic solvents; its density is 0.95—1.50 g/cm³. Penetration grade bitumen is classified according to Penetration (ASTM D5) and Softening Point (ASTM D36).

Main Application:

  • In the construction and repair of road surface
  • In the construction and repair of airfield
  • Bonding material in production of asphalt-concrete mixtures


  • In drums
  • Bulk


Grade40/5060/7080/100Test Method
Penetration @ 25 Deg. C (mm/10)40/5060/7080/100D5
Softening Point (Deg. C)52/6049/5645/52D36
Ductility @ 25 Deg. C (cm/s)Min. 100Min. 100Min. 100D113
Loss on Heating (WT%)Max. 0.2Max. 0.2Max. 0.5D6
Flash Point (Deg. C)Min. 250Min. 250Min. 225D92
Solubility in CS2 (WT%)Min. 99.05Min. 99.05Min. 99.05D4
Drop in Penetration after Heating (%)Max. 20Max. 20Max. 20D5
Specific Gravity @ 25Deg. C1.01/1.061.01/1.061.001/1.05D70 D3982
Bitumen 40/50: VG-10 Bitumen 60/70: VG-30 Bitumen 80/100: VG-40
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