Our company, SORWABUCO Limited., is a private-owned company established in 2005, in England and Wales as a foreign trading enterprise. Being modest and prudent, practical and realistic, diligent and promising with customer service first as our motto, we have grown steadily to be one of the main and reliable sources of raw materials and semi-finished products in the fields of oils and gas, heavy fuel oils, sulphur, bitumen, cement, limestone, ash and slag, potassium chloride, chlor alkali, solid fuels, and iron and steel.

We have also established a global close business relationship with global manufacturers to ensure stable supplies, guaranteed quality as well as flexibility and timely delivery.

At SORWABUCO Limited., our relationships with both local and multinational customers have been very strong and trustworthy. We understand that our customers operate high-speed, high-volume production lines that are meticulously managed and scheduled. Customers rely on our ability to provide competitive and high-quality raw materials and semi-finished products in a timely manner.


Sorwabuco Limited. is aimed at unlocking the company’s hidden potential. It has a well devised structure and includes projects designed to improve the operating efficiency and business procedures of the company, as well as we believe it is very important to adjust our strategies constantly.

Our current strategy includes a combination of continued adoption and deployment of modern technology, operating and venture initiatives to help us ensure sustainable development in a changing market environment. Our sales and marketing approach focuses on customer demand and maximising customers’ satisfaction