Technical Properties Norm
Appearance Flake mass of white colour. Light dye is allowed.
Mass fraction of sodium hydroxide, %, minimum 98.5
Mass fraction of sodium carbonate, %, maximum 0.8
Mass fraction of sodium chloride, %, maximum 0.5
Mass fraction of iron calculated as Fe2 O3 , %, maximum 0.004
Total mass fractions of iron and aluminum oxides, %, maximum 0.02
Mass fraction of silicic acid calculated as SiO2, %, maximum 0.02
Mass fraction of sodium sulfate, %, maximum 0.03
Total mass fractions of calcium and magnesium calculated as Са, %, maximum 0.01
Mass fraction of sodium hypochlorite, %, maximum 0.01
Total mass fractions of heavy metals settled by H2S alculated as Рb, %, maximum 0.01
Mass fraction of mercury, %, maximum 0.0005
Application The product is used in organic synthesis processes, petroleum products refining, textile industry in production of viscose silk and in bleaching fabrics, in paper and aniline industry, soap making, production of aluminium and sodium metal, soluble glass, alkaline accumulators, and many others.


* Caustic soda flakes is packed in 25 kg, 50 kg polypropylene bags, in steel drums, special soft containers with a maximum mass  of 1,000 kg, 60 kg polyethylene barrels (without the insert) are used for packaging the product.