We take pride in introducing SORWABUCO LTD to the world, emerging as one of the best companies supplying an extensive range of raw materials and semi-finished products to our industrial clients.

Established in 2004, SORWABUCO LIMITED is a privately-owned, highly professional foreign trading enterprise located in England and Wales.

To provide valuable customer service is our motto, we make it our mission to supply clients with products that meet their specifications.

We have grown steadily to become one of the main and most reliable sources of raw materials and semi-finished products.

SORWABUCO LIMITED offers; metal and mineral ores (iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore and bauxite ore, aluminous laterite ore), alumina, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, cast billets and blooms, cast slabs, pig iron, hot briquette iron, coils, sheets and plates as raw materials and feedstock to iron and steel industries, metallurgy and foundry industries, aluminum industries and in both the automobile and construction industries.

Our bauxite ore is used as raw material for the production of a white powder, aluminium oxide, from which aluminium metal can be extracted.

We also supply tubular and steel pipes (line steel pipe and standard pipe) that have a wide range of applications that include: transporting oil and gas, petrochemicals and water and in nuclear power stations, and the building industry.

The group is also a major source of solid fuels. Our products include anthracite coal, coking coal, foundry coke, met coke, green petroleum coke, calcite petroleum coke, LAM coke and steam coal, that are primarily used in Iron and Steel blast furnaces and in cupola furnaces in the metallurgy, and foundry industries.

Our products are also employed as the main carbon source for anodes in aluminum smelting, tin smelting and in fuel heating in the cement industries.

They are also found in coal powered Nuclear plants that generate the energy for our cities, homes and industrial heating. Our products are also utilized in sugar production, water treatment and filtrations, glass manufacturing, and many other industries.

Apart from that, our Green Petroleum Coke is also used as a feed stock in the production of calcined coke, while the steam-coal can be converted to liquid oil or gas for energy use.

Currently, our office is located in London and the group is also striving to establish regional offices in Central and East Africa.

We are highly dedicated towards making a positive societal and economic impact in the regions we have a presence in.

Our Management has additional responsibilities to demonstrate leadership, accountability and high standards in health and safety towards our community.

We have created an encouraging social environment for our employees and local communities.

In brief, we will continue to strengthen our services to work in the best interest of all the parties involved.

We trust in partnership and the establishment of long-term business relationships based on mutual profitability and common development goals of our organizations.

We welcome you all to share with us our present and future business opportunities and prosperity that the future will bring!

Chairman and CEO